Shivani Gupta is a small business owner, business and leadership coach, author and keynote speaker. Shivani shares why it is important to set new goals. WOULD you be happy with an extra 20per cent revenue in your small business? In December, my spa business revenue was up 20per cent on last Read More »

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        YOUR BUSINESS IMAGE Being clear on the level of involvement you wish to have in the business will help you shape an image for your business that keeps customers coming back for MORE. 25 Ways to Boost Your Business Image 1. Start to see your business through customers’ eyes 2. Keep Read More »

From Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter Feature Article: How to create a clear marketing message The American Super Bowl is famous for two things. Obviously one is the football itself. The other? The half time entertainment – including the extremely high priced 30 second advertising spots. Companies spend absolute fortunes – millions of dollars creating Read More »

From We all know lack of sleep is harmful to our health — sleep affects mood, increases risk of psychiatric disorders and depression, cardiovascular disease and lowers immune system health. Yet the stress of running a company and long working hours means entrepreneurs often find themselves functioning on little sleep. Evanston, Ill.-based sleep expert Read More »

By Jason Andrews – Marketing Influences It can be a challenging to find the best way to market your products and services, regardless what they are. The advent of online marketing has only increased this challenge, as you try to strike the right balance between online and offline marketing. There are many things to consider Read More »

Thursday 05 December 2013 From 12 March 2014, there will be many changes to the Privacy Act. Although this seems a while away, if the Privacy Act applies to your business, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the changes now. Does the Act apply to my business? The Privacy Act protects personal information Read More »

Updated ACCC guidance regarding two-price advertising The ACCC has just updated its website guidance regarding two-price advertising. This sales technique involves making statements such as: was $X, now $Y $X, now $Y (strike through pricing) $X off X% off If you use two-price advertising you need to be careful how you do this to ensure Read More »

The ACCC will launch a national education campaign on 5 February – Repair, Replace, Refund that highlights consumer rights and business obligations under the consumer guarantees provisions of the Australian Consumer Law. The campaign will feature radio, digital and outdoor advertising. In broad terms, consumer guarantees require that all goods sold in Australia must be Read More »