Date: 11th Dec 2013
Client Name: Antoinette Stonham
Business Name: All About Style
Core Service: Personal Stylist/Shopping Consultant
Time Trading: 5th Feb 2013
Time involved with Small Biz Connect: Since 19th Feb 2013

Overview of client experience with Small Biz Connect Program

Antoinette has been in business for many years with her husband David running a successful debt collection agency based in Queen Street Campbelltown. Before going into business with David, Antoinette was initially trained as a custom pattern maker and designer in the fashion industry in Sydney. Fashion has always been Antoinette’s passion and earlier this year she decided to take the plunge and follow her dream of becoming a Personal Stylist/Shopper for women looking to improve their personal image.

Antoinette’s first point of contact with her new business idea was South West Sydney BEC where she booked an appointment with Small Biz Connect Advisor, Bill Parker.

Antoinette and Bill discussed how Antoinette was going to take this idea to the next level. After a couple of initial consultations discussing the basic business considerations such as structure, pricing and market position and completing the necessary set up tasks – Antoinette decided to enrol herself in the Business Development Program which is a series of five comprehensive one on one mentoring sessions to really get things rolling. Together, Antoinette and Bill developed a strategic plan for All About Style comprised of Marketing, Social Media including Facebook and Pinterest, blogging, webinar research, Financial and Membership Modelling and the implementation of a lead generating website.

Antoinette has worked with Bill on the delivery of her first PowerPoint presentation to a local ladies business network. Bill coached Antoinette with presentation style, sales techniques and various other tips. Although Antoinette had been in business for some time with Coast to Coast Debt Collections, this was all very new to her and she appreciated having Bill to guide her through the process.

“Enrolling in this course is one of the best things I could have done for my business, without Bill’s help, my business would not be as far along or advanced as it is now in the short amount of time. Working with a Small Biz Connect Advisor keeps you on track in your business and accountable at each development session. When I first started my meetings with Bill I had nothing more than an idea and now I have many clients, articles being written and published for All About Style in our local Lifestyle Magazine and further speaking requests “Antoinette said.

Antoinette is part way through her second set of Development Program sessions and South West Sydney BEC has been very fortunate to assist such a dedicated and motivated entrepreneur.